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Our Vision

Nehemiah 4.2  
Will they restore their wall? Will they offer sacrifices? Will they finish in a day? Can they bring the stones back to life from those heaps of rubble—burned as they are?”  

Fire has the characteristic of changing the way and the essence of things affected by it.  
Fire can devastate entire forests and cities, regardless of how big or strong they may be.  
But there’s one thing fire cannot do, and that is stop life from continuing its course.  
A burned down forest will bud in the following spring. A burned down city will see reconstruction right after the fire ceased.  
The same can happen to you.  
Most people nowadays have experienced painful fires in their lives such as different kinds of abuse, divorce, neglect, depression, etc.  
The fire that at one point of your life came against you should not stop you from budding; your life can be reconstructed. There’s hope!  

God gave us a vision to restore those who have been burned down by different fires in life.  
“But how?” you may ask yourself.  
The answer to that is found in The Bible, in the book of Nehemiah.  
The splendorous city of Jerusalem was once invaded by a mighty army that destroyed it to the ground by setting it in fire and breaking the city wall. Its inhabitants, men, women and children were put to death by the sword. The only ones that were allowed to live were those that could be used as slaves by a conquering enemy.  
One day, while in captivity, Nehemiah, a former inhabitant of Jerusalem heard the report that described his city as in “great trouble and disgrace”. His heart got very sad so he wept and wept for his Jerusalem.  

As the days went by something occurred to Nehemiah; he started to think about the possibility of rebuilding his city! But how? He was a slave, a cup bearer in the king’s palace! 
Being so close to the king himself gave him the opportunity to present the project to the monarch, whom after thinking about it gave him permission to do so and appointed him governor of the province of Judea with full powers to rebuild the city and to restore worship among the Jews.  
The slave that became a governor. How wonderful! 

If you have been enslaved by situations in your life God tells you today that you can be set free and restored; you can become that governor with full powers and resources to rebuild your life!  

Jerusalem had enemies that did not want to see it rebuilt. Same with you, there’s an enemy that wants you as his slave so he can continue to abuse you, oppress you and depress you.  

The wall surrounding the Holy City of Jerusalem had been destroyed, its stones burned down. So Nehemiah deployed his workers around the city wall and started to rebuild it. Right away, those burned down, useless stones were positioned in their place in the wall. The rubble became precious material in the hands of the builders.  
Perhaps you’ve been told you were like that rubble, good for nothing. Well, we have news for you. There’s a place for you in the wall!  

God, the Great Builder can turn you from rubble to a key part in the strength and security of your life, family and community.  

Do you want to rebuild your life, your family or your ministry?

Please contact us, either by email: info@thewayuk.org or by ringing 01733 320 564 

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