Claudio & Mariela Coquet


Claudio was born in Argentina in 1953. At age 22 he went to work to the United States where he lived for nearly 10 years. During that time he became a drug user and a drug dealer until the FBI caught him after selling banned substances to an undercover agent.

Facing a sentence of 49 years in prison he sent a letter to his family telling them what his situation was. His mother, a born again Christian, replied right away telling him to pray to God for a miracle, which he did. So he prayed, “God, if you release me from prison I will serve you.”

At the same time her church prayed for God to do a miracle in his life. This was in 1984, at the very beginning of he great revival the Lord sent to Argentina.

On the day he stood before the federal judge to hear his sentence, the magistrate said, “I don’t know why but instead of 49 years in prision I am giving you 3 year probation...”

The miracle had taken place!
He got deported back to Argentina and in the following 5 months became a Christian. After being baptised he started to work full time at the church God used to launch the revival and has been in full time ministry ever since.

Claudio met Mariela at church and married her in 1988. Together they have four children: Victoria currently doing her third year of design at Goldsmiths University in London. Ana is in her second year of graphic design at Greenwich University. Juan is finishing his second year of music performance at college in Stamford and little David, born in Peterborough the very same day The Way Church held her first official meeting, is in year two at William Law CE Primary school.









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